Valentine’s Day is ahead and the couples have already started planning about the event to make the day a very successful one. On the V-Day, most of the couples like to pass it by themselves, get their meals outside together and so on. But having meal at a good restaurant is not the entire part of the day, rather you have to be comfortable with everything even the attires you are on. To make your date on the V- Day more successful, you are to have a perfect outfit on the very day.

Here are few features of outfits for men on the Valentine’s Day.

Take the right shower:
Before you go out for a date with your loved ones on the Valentine’s Day, get up early and take a proper bath on the day. Usually men are too busy and do not get washed properly, but you have to keep in mind that this is the day to impress your other part. So, you should be clean properly. Get a shampoo, use it on your hair and clean correctly. Use soap and other washing toiletries for your body cleaning. You can wash your face on the previous night or in the morning of Valentine’s Day.

Comfortable attires:
Make sure the attires you put on are comfortable with you. The season is a bit tight, so it is imperative not to wear clothes that may hamper your physical stillness. Choose your dress having enough space for air passing. You must not use tie or suits on the day or any party shoes, rather try wearing casual attires. It will create a sense of intimacy between you two, and if you are on a formal look, your other half may think you are attending any formal ceremony or are going to attend a meeting with your boss. Dark jeans and light Polo or T-shirts are best for the purpose.

Get a clean shave:
To get a perfect look with your Valentine on the day, get a clean shave. If your beards are scratchy, it may not give you the right look for the date (though it is acceptable in the other days), and if she wants to meet someone of her family, the look with rough beards may cast a negative impression on the first sight.

Dress yourself with light ornaments:
On the Valentine’s Day, you may have some light ornaments to bring a gorgeous look. It may be simply a ring, a bracelet or a locket. At times people exaggerate regarding their ornaments and wear too many of rings, bracelets, bids and lockets that they look almost alien. So, you should not like to appear like an alien, right? Then decorate yourself with as lighter ornaments as possible on the day.

Do not miss your wrist watch:
Wrist watches are one of the most accompanying items for males. So, do not miss your wrist watch on the very day of Valentine’s before you leave your home to meet your date. Wrist watches bring a sense of punctuality and increase the personality. Besides, if you do not have any, you can get one after your needs and budget.

Use perfume:
It does not matter whether you are a perfume user or love to be stinky round the year, but in the Valentine’s Day before you move to meet your dearest one, use some perfume both on your body and clothes. A suitable perfume is able to raise your personality level on any specific occasion, so chose the right perfume for the V-Day. If your other half does not prefer sharp smells, avoid those and use a mild one. Be careful about the duration of the fragrance.

Shoes are one of the most important parts of your look on the day. There is a proverb – Shoes show the gentility. So, be kind to your shoes and clean and care them regularly. Put on a suitable shoe or sandals that fits your attire and comfortable round the day. If you put on shoes, be careful about the socks lest there is no bad smell emits from them.