Facial hairs are common among men and women but excessive growth of the hairs cause different trouble and it brings an ugly look for the women. They start feeling shy. So, women who are suffering from facial hair problem, adopt different treatments to remove the hair. Sometimes they apply remedies at home and if they have available moments, they visit the professional hair removing parlors.

Facial hair removal at parlors is the best way as the professional people remove the hairs with care. Usually it is painful to remove the hair, and if you are taking professional help, the process turns a bit easier. So, try to get your hair remove from the parlors. Here are some standard methods to remove the facial hairs.

Waxing is a very usual process to treat facial hair growth. In this process, wax is used on the face to remove the hair from the root. Thus, hair cannot grow on the same place again. Besides, it is not that much painful like using the thread to pull out the hair.

Plucking is commonly known as threading as a thin thread is used to pull out the facial hairs. Usually the hairs are pulled out one after another and thus the process is a bit lengthy. Besides, it is slightly painful when the hairs are pulled out using the thread. The thread is twisted around the hair and then a sudden pull out is done. Despite the drawbacks, it is an effective method to remove the facial hairs but you are to undertake the threading on a regular basis.

There are some masks known as peel off masks to remove the facial hairs. The mask is made of a special cream to remove the hair. In the beginning, the cream is applied on the face and dried. Then you are to peel off the cream from your face and the unwanted hairs will also be removed with the cream. It also helps to remove the dead and dry skins in line with the hairs. It is an easy way to remove facial hair without causing any pain and takes less time than threading.

If you want to get rid of the unwanted facial hairs permanently, then you can use the electrolysis as this is the permanent solution of the problem. It burns the hairs from the roots and electric current is used to complete the burning successfully. But this is an expensive method and you need to undergo the process several times to get the best result. Although the process is not a painful one but before you adopt the process, consult with an expert if it will suit you or not.

Laser Treatment:
This is one of the finest treatments of facial hair removal and scientifically proven that it does not have any sort of side effects. The unwanted hairs are burnt from the roots using a laser (or light ray) of specific wave length and pulse, and thus the hair cannot grow again on the same spot. But keep in mind, the process may charge you more than your imagination.

Bleaching is another way to remove the facial hair from the skin but is less recommended by the doctors and skin specialists as it contains different chemical substances that may damage the skin cell. Bleaching helps to glow and clear the skin for a short time and you are to follow the process for three times in a month.

Shaving is one of the best ways to get rid of the unwanted facial hairs. It is a painless and the quickest way to remove the unwanted hairs. If you are shaving, try getting a razor of five blades as that is much effective than the three or four blades razors. But you have to shave again after a certain interval when the hairs start growing again. This is a short time result giving process.

Hair Removal Cream:
Hair remover creams are available in the market and are the other quickest way to remove the facial or unwanted hairs. The creams also make the skin moisture and help to shine. You can apply the hair removing cream on the spots where the hairs are thick.

Hormonal Therapies:
Usually the unwanted hairs at times occur for hormonal imbalances. So, you can consult a doctor and take hormonal therapies to remove the unwanted facial hairs. Moreover, you can take medications to make the balance of unwanted hairs. In both cases, you need to meet your doctor before.

Chemical Depilatory:
Some of the creams are enriched with effective chemicals that help melting the unwanted hairs when applied. But since the major ingredients of the cream are chemicals, they may cause burn in the skin if you cannot properly apply on the hairs. The impacts of such chemical cream last for about six to seven days.

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