You may find it difficult to understand a woman. Men are always in a search that what would attack a woman. Many debates and researches are done in this regard. Causes are nothing but for love. Woman generally likes a self dependent, romantic and smart guy. So, let’s see the things of a man that attract women.

Humor and Intelligent:
Maximum girl likes rumor and intelligent boy you know. Humor makes fun with all naturally and girls like it most. Intelligent boy can also be able to attack any girl also.

Girls or women are very much affected to confident guys. They always avoid the hesitant person. Woman cannot depend on a guy if he is not confident with his decision and words although he is a man of super beauty.

Height and Physical appearance:
Different kinds of observations and researches show that, women like the guys who have at least a standard height and good physical appearance. No matter he has a beautiful face or good looking, but a better height and sturdy appearance of his body is must for attracting a woman.

Self dependency is well accepted. Everybody likes a self dependent man. A self dependent guy gets priority always to a woman. Woman always likes a guy who earns enough. Doing a good job with a good post is always acceptable to woman, so that she can depend on him.

Woman loves a careful boy. She wants that the guy should help in her activities and also take care. A lovely guy always takes care of her queen in every afternoon.

Attractive Hair:
It is true that the woman likes a self dependent guy but she looks at his head at first time. One may be very much affected to a rich guy but she would be satisfied when she puts her hand on the head with attractive hair of her guy.

Honesty and Pellucidity:
Woman expects the honesty and pellucidity to a man. You should not lie with a woman if you want a long term relationship. Even if you feel confusion to share with him, you should talk to her. Thus you would get her trust and affection.

Manly Behavior:
A woman searches for the security and dependency generally. A man of manly behavior provides the security and dependency to his wife or girlfriend. They are well attracted by the woman very much.

Clean and Well Dressed Up:
Woman likes a guy with clean and well dressed up. The dresses, matched with color of skin and physical appearance may express the smartness of the guy and women are very much loved with them.

No woman like the bad smell of her guy. A man can express his smartness and personality through using a perfume. So, guy let’s use a lovely perfume.

The attraction between a man and woman is very natural. Woman expects a real and respectable love to a man. So, if you want to be an attractive and smart man, respect to your beloved and keep up your honesty.