Synopsis & Plot Summary of The Jungle Book (2016):

The Jungle Book is the upcoming Hollywood movie based on the works of the similar name by Rudyard Kipling. This is a live action movie and the story centers round the activities of a human boy named Mowgli who was brought up in the jungle. But he confronts some troubles when some of the other animals did not accept him as he was a human. He tried his best to comply with the other animals and some of them were friendly to him. The most important enmity he achieved was from the Royal Tiger named Shere Khan. It was against the boy’s stay in the jungle. So, Mowgli started to leave the jungle. Since he was brought up in the jungle, he knew some secrets which were essential for some people to materialize their dream. Accordingly, a local king wants to know about the secrets to Mowgli but he did not disclose the secrets. As a result, there were troubles with him and he had to engage in fights.

Hollywood Film: The Jungle Book (2016) Movie Review & Storyline:

Usually Hollywood movies are made on different issues and adopting the movie stories from books, novels or bestsellers is nothing new. But when the Hollywood movie makers make the movies on external plots, they try to keep it different in line with the original text or copy, and it is done to bring a change on the movie. The changes are also made to surprise the audience. Many of the audiences may have idea about the texts but when they will be watching the movies, they will be surprised for the wits and intelligence of the movie makers for the changes. This is a strategy to make people amazed and without causing any trouble or creating conflicts with the text.

The Jungle Book (2016)But most of the times the movie makers try to create plots by themselves and hire professional and expert scriptwriters. But if they are not satisfied with the scripts, they seek alternative options for the movie. When they adopt external stories, they sharpen the story and may also add or remove characters that belonged to the original text. But this is not done in every case. The changes are subject based on the attractiveness of the plot. If the external plot is more attractive, then they try to make it more by removing or adding some other surprises.

The movie – The Jungle Book is an adoption of some works of the renowned writer Rudyard Kipling. Mostly the story is for the kids and the movie has been made for all ages of audience. It is known that the movie will be centering round Mowgli and he will experience some outstanding events on the movie. The movie also contains the characters which are found on the original works of Kipling. For the film making, the movie is written by Justin Marks and it is produced under the Walt Disney Pictures.

This is a live action movie and directed by Jon Favreau. The audience will experience a different taste on this live action movie. Usually there are some puppets used to make the live action movies and that is more expensive that making a regular film. Earlier, the movie was made in the 1960s by Walt Disney and this is a remake of the previous version. The movie will be released on April 15 in 2016.

The Jungle Book (2016) Movie Details:

Initial release: April 7, 2016 (Australia)
Director: Jon Favreau
Screenplay: Justin Marks
Story by: Rudyard Kipling
Music composed by: John Debney


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