Humans need company to live on. It is because they are social being. Living alone is impossible in the current age, and the idea of social living has been going on immediately after creation of the universe. It is a quite natural process that humans are finding their companion from the ancient past and the trend is still going on and will continue in the unseen future. Males seek females, and female look for males. This is the trend that has been practiced to spend their lives together, to be with each other during the happy and sad moments and stand much more that is inexpressible in language. When the perfect match is found, the relationship turns a blessing for the two. They observe different moments and occasions together. Celebrating the Valentine’s Day is the best achievement for them in the life.

Valentine’s Day is the day of joy. It is the day to express the overwhelming emotions for one another. The enjoyments increase more if the day is first for them – if they have fallen in love recently, started dating and passing the Valentine’s Day in their life together for the first time. The joys are devastating.

So, the day should be a planned one. Overwhelming joy at times spoils the day. Here are some ideas to do if you are celebrating the Valentine’s Day with your valentine for the first time.

But remember, love is not the subject to practice only for the Valentine’s Day; it should be exercised round the year.

Handmade Cards and Red Roses:
Start your day with a handmade card. Then give her/ him the rose bunch. Red rose is the symbol of love. The card will contain all your emotions. How you feel about him or her, how you miss on absence and many other issues. Do not forget to add some romantic quotes on the card. Wrap the card using a beautiful wrapping cover and possibly add some photos on the cards. Or you can combine the roses and cards together.

Theatre Tickets:
Usually different romantic movies are released globally marking the Valentine’s Day. So, you can take him or her to the show. Get two exclusive tickets beforehand and reach the theatre hall before the show. If the authority allows, take some snacks with you to have in middle of the show, it will make the moments more romantic.

Start for an Outing:
Besides, both of you can start for an outing at any distant place. The journey will be enjoyable and both of you will be able to know each other more through informal discussions on the journey. But be careful about the location so that it does not become too far from your surroundings. Make plans on the previous night what to do after reaching the place.

Present a Valentine’s Day ring:
Offering gifts may make the day charming more. So, you can plan to surprise him or her with a small gift like a customized ring on the day. Since this is the first Valentine’s Day of you two, it will be a nice surprise and a memorable one.

Make a Picnic:
If it turns impossible to go for an outing on the day for the weather conditions, to make the day a memorable one you can arrange for a picnic at your home. Get the necessary items you want to prepare and show off your cooking skills to your partner. You can also seek help to him/ her in cooking if you lack knowledge on the issue and do not feel shy for that. If possible, make it a candle light dinner.

Stay Together:
The most important thing on the day for you two is to stay together wherever you are. Do not let him/ her feel alone on the day. Talk. Sweet talks are the best gift to each other on the day. This is the chance to show your inner respect and feeling to your beloved. You can express all those with your speeches and if you are with him/ her all the time, the feelings will be expressed naturally. Do not miss the chance.

Get Couple Massages:
It is another excellent idea that both of you can take a couple massage. There are numerous massage parlors available who offer different attractive massage on the day. So, you two can take one after your budget and location accessibility. Massages makes you physically fit and physical interactions (I mean sexual behaviour) will be easier, certainly after your consents.

Compose a Poem:
You can write a poem for him/ her on the first Valentine’s Day of yours and frame it. It will be the relic of your love and you can show it to others after several years on the same day. Do not bother whether the rhythms are right or wrong; compose it after your sweet will for your beloved.

Kiss is the most important element to express your emotions and feelings in a single action to your beloved. Valentine’s Day is a perfect one to show that. So, kiss her/ him whenever you get chances. Do not feel shy.

I Love You- the Magical Words:
These are the most charming words – I Love You. Do not forget the words to your beloved on the day. The words are impressive too. So, say it, again and again, as much as you can round the day. It will help to strengthen the bond between you two.