All have to maintain a daily plan. It’s your daily timeline. Man as well as woman likes to live in a mapped timeline to reach her goal actually. Think you are a guy who planned for your marriage, pregnancy, about your promotions and others. Listen, your life not software or robot that performs a certain task. You have to do so many tasks with different taste and categories. You have emotions –the most precious gift of God. Don’t ignore it always. Every emotion facts but our practical life does not support them always. Don’t be so serious if any plan fails. It’s natural and takes it easily otherwise you are going a member of hell in fact. No one play 100% in her total life. To plan out of your whole time is very important that you make them wisely and do so to achieve your desire goals. But all are not in under control of a human being. Some go through natural way. This approach may offer you a bliss life for enjoy if you make free some issues for nature.

It is Marriage Time:
One may have no control over her romantic emotion. Be happy with it. It is good for you. Look, you want to engage with someone eagerly and also a make plan to make a rose-bed with him, it’s ok, but don’t fully depend on him. But he may wrong person for you. You may get another chance or bless of nature. Just be confident and take him your consideration

Expect a Baby?
You may worry about the perfect time to expect a baby. Smart thinking. It is a great milestone of your life so plan out for a super timeline. Problem is that you increase your stress by doing so and in maximum time you do not find out a perfect time to have a kid because circumstances around you may take enough time to organize. Unfortunately you may be lost your perfect fertility time.

Promotion Time:
You are a hard worker in your office or organizations and your boss is very intimate to you. Don’t think that the next promotion is ready for you. Official promotion depends on many factors such as skill or efficiency, qualification, age and others. One factor may not favor you, so what? Don’t take it otherwise and wash out it from your brain. Just concentrate in your work and increase your work quality.

Determine your Ambitions:
Life passion or ambition is not bad at all but more emphasis on any one by a certain time may increase your depression when it does not happen. Don’t try to figure out any specific timeline for your passion. Passion comes and goes and you have to adjust your passion with this.

Adjust with Your Unexpected and Sudden Opportunities:
Try to stop to list out your plan. Now turn to do them. You can plan to achieve something that you desire but don’t tie it within a certain time period. Make it to happen itself. You are not a best planner of you because sometimes you may not find out the exact way of your life. Best suggestions for you that adjust with your unexpected and sudden opportunities.

Decide to Break Up a Relation:
You cannot be with your friend or partner and going to take decision for separation. But before that you may take sometimes for you if it will be harmful or not. Think positive. Don’t lay down with him, let him free and walk for a better one and if it seems difficult, let it happen naturally. A better opportunity would be appeared.