Underarms usually get darken for different reasons and the tissues there are more sensitive than any other parts of the body. It may also happen for skin problems or from irritations caused by shaving the area, exposure to sunlight for longer time, hormonal changes or use of excessive cosmetics and more. Thus, they get dark looks very weird.

It is a troublesome condition for people, particularly for women. They cannot wear any sleeveless attire lest they are to feel embarrassed before public. So, the issue should be provided with careful attention. Now a day, removing the spots is not so much difficult one. One can easily remove the dark spots from the underarm and fell free by performing some easy treatments.

Here are some tips to remove the underarm spots.

Avoid hair Removers:
Hair removing creams are made with different skin-hostile chemicals that help to make dark spots on the underarm. Many of the women prefer the hair removers and been using them for longer periods that is the key cause of their dark underarms. Alternative ways like waxing should be used.

Use lemon on the Spots:
Before you go for a bath, you can apply a lemon on the underarm. Rub the lemon on the spots, let them dry. Then take the bath. The acids on lemon juice are helpful to remove the darks pots from the armpit. The spots will be removed soon.

Potato Slice:
Potato is another natural element to remove scars from skin. You can apply potato slice on the underarm to remove the dark marks. Get one or two slice of potatoes and rub them on the armpit for five to 10 minutes. Then clean the area with clean water. Continue rubbing the slice for about two to three weeks. The dark spots will be removed.

Cucumbers are the other natural element with skin whitening properties. It can remove the dead cells from the outer skin and helps whitening the space by the same time. So, you can rub a piece of round-cut cucumber on the dark underarm. It is also helpful to remove itching and does not irritate the skin.

Organic Scrub:
You can also apply organic scrub on the dark marks. Make the scrub using some brown sugar and lemon juice. Apply the paste on the armpit for about 10 minutes. Clean the area with lukewarm water. Feel the changes.

Baking Soda:
Baking soda is another element useful to remove the underarm scars and dark marks. Take some white baking soda and make a paste using clean and cold water. Apply the paste beneath your arm. Wait for ten minutes and clean the place using clean water. See the change.

Fruits Skin:
At times fruit skins are essential to remove the underarm scars and orange skins are the best for the purpose. Peel the skin from orange and ground it. Add some milk and rose water with the ground peels and make a paste. Apply the paste on the armpit and clean after around 10 minutes.

Vegetable Oils:
Vegetable oils are enriched with different natural antioxidants. You can apply the oils, particularly the olive oil, on your armpit to get a better result within a short time.

Waxing the underarms to rid of the hairs is a very good solution instead of shaving. Shaving usually helps to cast spots on the underarms. At times the irritations from shaving also cause the marks. Waxing removes the hairs perfectly from the root. It is also helpful in removing the dead skins from the underarm too.

Milk is an organic food element and contains different properties together to make the skin shiny. You can make a paste using milk and flour and apply the paste on the underarm. Clean the arm when the paste is dry. It will help to remove the dark marks.

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