It is known to all, a child is a future of his nation. A child is not only a member of his nation but also of his family. Children get the primary attitude from his family and then from school. The socialization of a child starts from his family.

The family is the best school for a child. Family plays an important role to develop the psychology of a child. So, a family should ensure the extra care about its growing child. That means, family teaches them in such a way that would be encouraged a child to be confident. A child knows about his duty towards the nation, society or family from his family culture. Confidence and love for country develop the mentality of a child. So, let’s know about what are you have to teach your child for their better psychological development so they would be able to be confident and patriotic.

01. The first year of school life is very enjoyable and full of excitement for a child. Because he gets enter into the first step of socialization through the school. If you teach him to tie shoe lace, it would make your child to be confident at extend that you never think so. Imagine that, if his shoe lace can be untied in school and he will fall in a embarrassing situation because of your absences. But if he can tie his shoe lace, his confidence would be increased. This confidence would help him to fight against the future situations.

02. The first year of school is very important for a child, as I mentioned before. So, care of your child, if he does normal behave with his friends and teacher or really interact with them. Inspire him to communicate or interact with friends. He may feel attraction for such a friendly environment so eagerly want to go there and can learn more. Besides let him to learn about the rules and regulation of school, also notice about his daily homework if he does it regularly or not. Such kinds of little tasks create the responsibility towards the society. Do not create any pressure about the class position of your child. You should inspire you always otherwise it will increase his mental pressure and he may lose the interest on it.

03. Let your child to sort out his bag by himself. But you only notice that if he takes all necessary or not. It creates a habit to manage himself properly. You should not be crazy when he breaks his toys but you should make him better understand why it is not good to break something willingly.

04. Keep your child away from your stupid marital discord.The continuous quarrel and fighting harm your child very badly. But, if your child sees it unfortunately, you should explain it in a different way both smilingly.

05. Tell your child about the charity and keep him by you when you do this. It makes his mind liberal and inspires him to love people.

06. Take your child in different kinds of social occasion such as wedding ceremony and others festivals. Let him know about these occasions. This would make him more social.

07. You should ensure the participation of your baby in different national occasions such as independent day, cultural day etc. You may also go for a hangout with him. let him turn around for a different view. Make him learnt about these occasions or festivals properly, so he would be able to love and respect his country more. Besides go out for a hangout in your weekend, best choice is close to the nature. Make also him aware about his surrounding environment and nature.

It is your duty to ensure the responsibility or feelings inside your child. Because a child always learns from his surrounding environment and parent should represent this environment to their child nicely.