Bajrangi Bhaijaan is the upcoming Bollywood action drama movie that is produced by Salman Khan will be released on the upcoming Eid. The movie is based on the events of a youth who wants to take back a little girl to her family living in Pakistan and experiences different events during his journey to Pakistan.

Usually Salman Khan releases his movies in religious occasion and particularly on Eid occasion which is the most important and religious festival for Muslims around the globe. Salman khan movies and Eid have turned into a buzzword in Bollywood. He has also booked the Eid of 2016 for his another movie named Sultan where he will be playing the role of a wrestler.

Usually the festivals are considered as the movie releasing time of Bollywood and most of the movies are released on the Independence Day, Chirstmas Day or in Diwali. But to make the religious occasion more colorful and enjoyable, Salman mostly releases his movies on that moment. It is not based on any religious biased attitude rater on Eid everyone participates regarding their respective religion. Moreover, all of his earlier movies that have been released on Eid have turned successful in terms of commercial success. So, he is a bit biased to release the movies on Eid days.

Another explanation for releasing the movies on Eid might be the festive mood where all the family members get together and have spare moments to spend together. When the members of a family meet together, watching movies is a very common trend across the globe. So, Salman utilizes the trend and releases his movies.

He has been following the trend of releasing movies on Eid since 2009 and each of the years after 2009 he has rocked the Indian box office and also made some records. Besides, the movie plots are also extraordinary and film making is splendid.